Mini Monsters - Boys


These Mini Monsters are the perfect gift for any little love bug in your life! They are great for cuddles, as well as for decorating nurseries and toy rooms. Each one is unique, so you know you are ordering something that is one of a kind!

They are made from 100% cotton and are filled with a polyester fill. All our fabric is pre-washed using a sensitive detergent before sewing.

We can also custom make these to suit your decor. Just email to start the conversation!

19cm (W) x 21cm (L)

** Please note that these are approximations and may differ slightly from Mini Monster to Mini Monster.

** These Mini Monsters are not machine washable. Instead, we recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth only.


  • Vintage Rainbow with Orange Stripe Ears
  • White Spots with Blue Stripe Ears
  • Arrows with Grey Spot Ears Sold Out
  • Grey Scallops with Red Stripe Ears Sold Out
  • White Spots with Green Stripe Ears
  • Rainbow with Aqua Stripe Ears
  • Aqua Stripe with Multicoloured Hexagon Ears Sold Out
  • Multicoloured Diamond with Aqua Spot Ears Sold Out
  • Light Grey Spot with Multicoloured Triangle Ears
  • Gold Scallops with Dark Grey Spot Ears Sold Out
  • Rainbow with Green Stripe Ears Sold Out
  • Fluro Triangles with Blue Spot Ears
  • Pastel Raindrops with Light Blue Spot Ears Sold Out
  • White Spot with Green Spot Ears